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Historical Account

Professor Alois Niederstetter wrote an historical essay for the Bregenzerwald Workshop brochure. This is divided into different chapters.
  • Dial 1 for information about how the Bregenzerwald was settled.
  • Dial 2 for the chapter about the economy, innovation and immigration.

  • Dial 3 for information about the Au Guild

  • Dial 4 to hear about the most famous of the baroque master builders, although it must be said that a number of master builders that were also responsible for the success of the region stayed in the background.

  • Dial 5 for information about the guild organisation in those days

  • And dial 6 for an account of seasonal migration in the region

Taste 5    


How the Bregenzerwald was settled

  Taste 1  


The Economy: Innovation and Migration

  Taste 2  

Handicraft Guild

The Au Handicraft Guild

  Taste 3  

Michael Beer

The Baroque Master Builder, Michael Beer, from the Au Guild

  Taste 4  


The Guild Organisation

  Taste 5  

Seasonal Migration

In spring, the builders from the back regions of the Bregenzerwald went to work.

  Taste 6