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Blons in the Great Walser Valley Biosphere Park

The community centre in Blons is considered to be an architectural example as well as an example of using timber from the protection forest.  Utilizing the forest contributes to protecting the village from avalanches.  The building is also an example from the LEADER project, Mountain Timber.  The building demonstrates what the craftsmen in the valley were capable of when working together.

You are probably standing in the village square in Blons right now, and taking a look at the mountain village.  

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The Village of Blons

Blons is one of the 6 small communities in the Great Walser Valley. It has a population of 340. The community centre is 903 metres above sea level and has a total area of 15 km². 40% of the area is woodlands and 35.6% is mountainous.

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The first settlers that came here in the 11th or 12th centuries were the Romansh speaking people of Switzerland.

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The Community Centre

The community centre, which houses the municipal office, an elementary school and a kindergarten, is right next to the church.

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Commentary from the Austrian Architecture centre in Nextroom. There we read:

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Interview with the Mayor

Peter Metzler talked to the Mayor of Blons Mr. Bachman

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Built with their own Wood

Appropriate, classic and just awarded the construction prize: a school, a shop, the municipal office and a village restaurant made from solid wood. Designed by Bruno Spagolla for Blons in the Great Walser Valley. by Walter Zschokke

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The Avalanche

In an excerpt from the book „The White Danger“ by Martin Engler, we read: When it started to snow in February, 1999 and didn‘t seem to want to stop, the people in the Alpine Valleys suddenly found themselves imprisoned behind a „white curtain“.

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The Biosphere Park

The Biosphere park in the Great Walser Valley is a model region of modern, lasting management in the Alpine area.

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