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The Future of Timber Construction

You have dialled the t-guide number for the subject of Timber Construction Architecture and the Future of Timber Construction in Vorarlberg.
This example shows how the culture of handicrafts can be cultivated through innovative education and how further developments can be motivated by competitions.
  • Dial 1 for information abut the special training programme with the title „The Future of Timber Construction“.  A presentation by Simone Kochhafen at an EU seminar in 2006.
  • Dial 2 for information about the „Timber Construction Architecture“ initiative in Vorarlberg.  This is about energizing innovation.
  • Dial 3 to hear a speech by Dr. Mario Broggi at the tribute to the winner of the exemplary, 2005 contest: „The Future in the Alps“. 570 organisations from 7 Alpine regions took part in the competition.
  • Dial 4 to hear the project presentation by the project leader; Simone Kochhafen.

With the presentation we hope to be able to show you an example of how innovative training programmes and creative contests help cultivate the culture of handicrafts. If anything is not clear, please dial 99, or contact a tourism office, or look in the internet under:

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The Future of Timber Construction

On the occasion of an EU seminar in 2006, Simone Kochhafen, the project leader, presented an exemplary project called „The Future of Timber Construction“. Here she welcomes participants from all of the EU member countries. Representatives from the EU LEADER Observation post and the national network and administration posts that are responsible for the development of the LEADER programme were also present.

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Timber Construction Art

The Timber Quality Community is participating in the CIPRA showcase contest under the title of „Timber Construction Art“. CIPRA is an independent organisation that has been championing for positive development in the Alps for decades. CIPRA developed the Alpine convention together with the local governments of the Alpine regions. With the „Future in the Alps“ contest, exemplary projects are chosen and a cooperation network is developed. Over 570 projects from the 7 Alpine regions participated in the contest.

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Laudatin by Dr. Mario Broggi

On the occasion of the award ceremony for the „Future in the Alps“ contest, Dr. Mario Broggi, who was himself a member of the jury, gave a speech. Mario Broggi is an expert on the subject of the Alps, a university lecturer on the conservation of nature and natural landscapes, a government consultant and also a consultant for many „Future“ projects. The following is an excerpt from his speech at the award ceremony.

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Presentation by Simone Kochhafen

Welcome to the LEADER + project „The Future of Timber Construction“ presentation. My name is Simone Kochhafen and I run the project and represent the wood workers guild in Vorarlberg. The „Future of Timber Construction“ project was developed working closely together with the member businesses. We formed our own work group where the contractors themselves were represented. We, these are the the guild of wood processors with 110 SME as members and with 900 employee in Vorarlberg. As you can see that this are less than 9 employees per company, therefore really small companies.

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