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Laudatin by Dr. Mario Broggi

On the occasion of the award ceremony for the „Future in the Alps“ contest, Dr. Mario Broggi, who was himself a member of the jury, gave a speech. Mario Broggi is an expert on the subject of the Alps, a university lecturer on the conservation of nature and natural landscapes, a government consultant and also a consultant for many „Future“ projects. The following is an excerpt from his speech at the award ceremony.

And the winning project is:

Timber Construction Art - the Vorarlberg Timber Construction Quality Community. „Increased utilization of timber at a higher level“ is the double strategy of the Vorarlberg Timber Construction Quality Community, a cooperative idea.

This goal is expanded with a nation-wide invitation to take part in the Timber Construction contest and the targeted, innovative training programme. This will guarantee the natural resource, wood and the culture of handicrafts as a native potential.

Vorarlberg has become the leading region in the areas of timber architecture and design.  The demand for timber construction has been doubled and employment in the carpentry trade has been increased by 15%.  Vorarlberg has gained a very good reputation in Timber Construction architecture.

Personally, as a forester, I am very pleased about the use of the Silver Fir, as well as the maintenance of the interfacing between the businesses in the value added chain.  This is a good example of permanent utilization with a short path and consciously adding value to the region.  The interest that the Timber Construction Art project has sparked internationally is proven by the many excursions to the area.

Finally, I would like to mention that Vorarlberg sticks out as an innovative region by being home to 6 of the 15 projects that made it to the final round.“

Those were the words of Mario Broggi

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