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The goal of the LEADER+ project is to stimulate the know-how transfer and to motivate the local initiatives by presenting their project results

The LEADER regions Pielachtal in Lower Austria, Holzwelt Murau in Styria, South Burgenland and Vorarlberg have noticed that the requests for excursions to their regional development themes have increased.  Increasing numbers of college students, trade associations, action groups and even tourists are visiting the sites and gathering information about the methods used in the regional development work as well as organisational and technical solutions.

In a co-operation work-shop organised by the LEADER network in Austria, the LAG‘s met and began to develop a quality standard for the transfer of know how.  What the participating regions have in common is that in the past, they worked on improving the way regional resources were used, they carried out intensive public relations work,  and created presentable examples. They took the available strengths of nature, people and technology and cultivated them.  After getting to know each other, the participants realised that each region had taken on a national and at times international leading role in some subjects.

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