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In the first phase, programmes will be developed for local players from other regions and made accessible on a European level.

The next step is to address another important target group, namely, universities and technical colleges.  Students will be invited to take part in seminars by way of detailed programmes and information.

The effort in the project, will be put into the preparation of the documents and structuring  the transfer of know how.  An internet platform affiliated with the LEADER Austria portal will present information about the programmes offered.   The seminars developed are planned to convey theory with „Best Practice“ examples from the regional development.  Those interested will be able to book day long or week long programmes.   An Incoming Office will be set up to organize complete package deals.

The national co-operation also works on innovative transfer methods.  They have created audio books, documents and excursion tours. In addition to that, the transfer of know how should be made in a pleasant atmosphere.  For this reason, entertainment modules and artistic cultural elements have been included in the programme.

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