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The Community Centre

The community centre, which houses the municipal office, an elementary school and a kindergarten, is right next to the church.

It is the meeting place for the 370 inhabitants of Blons and was awarded the Constructor Prize from the central union of Austrian  architects in 2004.  In 2005 it was awarded the Vorarlberg Architecture prize for timber construction and adding value to the region.  It was the winning project of the year.

Both buildings are situated on the slope, on street level, and enclose an area that is used as an outdoor café and a new village square, respectively.  It is also used as a school yard.  Under the village square level, on the valley side, there is an open, event area which can be reached from the municipal office level. The community centre was also built as a monument to the avalanche disaster in 1954.  

The mighty school construction not only houses a kindergarten, but it also has important semi-public functions such as a grocery store and a bank. The community centre in Blons is an architectonic and functional construction that is unique in that the wood used for construction came from the community owned forest and was implemented in an environmentally friendly manner.  In this way, the building contributed to the improvement of the protection forest and added value to the region as well.  

Bruno Spagolla from Bludenz was the architect

The jury was made up of:  Walter Zschokke, Regine Schineis, Hansjörg Hilti

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