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The Village of Blons

Blons is one of the 6 small communities in the Great Walser Valley. It has a population of 340. The community centre is 903 metres above sea level and has a total area of 15 km². 40% of the area is woodlands and 35.6% is mountainous.

In 2003 there were only 3 enterprises in Blons with a total of 7 people employed and 2 apprentices.  The number of people that had to pay income tax in Blons was 153. There is a kindergarten and a school in the new community centre in Blons.  Of the 340 inhabitants, 170 are school age children.  Children from other villages in the area come to Blons to attend the secondary school here.  

If you would like to make a comparison in size, take a look at the valley opposite.  You can see the whole village of Raggal from here.  Raggal is the largest village in the Walser Valley.  The mayor of Blons is elected by ballot and carries out his duties on a part time basis.  He has 9 town councillors at his side. He can be reached in his office in the community centre during the usual business hours.

It was decided to go ahead with the big community centre project in 2002.  The community centre has won many awards. It is home to all the important posts of a small community like the municipal office, the school, a bank, a local supplier, a kindergarten and a restaurant, making it a meeting place for the townspeople.  It is the village square and an exhibition room as well.  The most dramatic incidence that happened in the history of the village, namely, the avalanche catastrophe, is also documented here.  

Many visitors from all over the world come here to admire the concept and the architecture of the community centre.

  • You can hear more about that if you dial 4.
  • To hear about the community centre, dial 3.

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