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EU-Seminar 2006

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General Information

In the course of the excursion, three areas of the LAG Vorarlberg will be visited. It starts with the Blumenegg communities and then leads us to the Biosphere park in the Great Walser Valley, and over the Faschina Pass to the Bregenzer Wald - Bregenz Forest.

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Excursion: Timetable

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Synopsis: Culture

Culture (lat. cultura) care of the body but primarily the soul, later in context with cultivation, from colere, to farm, to inhabit, care for, honour, (originally something like) working diligently, the totality of human achievements. This includes, on the one hand, physical objects like tools, but also the changes in the cultural landscape brought about by man, mental achievements as well as forms of social organisation. The term culture is associated with the term civilisation and the work done by man. (Source:

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