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Idea and Objectives

With support, the businesses could begin a moderated process, and formulated the idea for a project that they would call „Bergholz“ or „Mountain Timber“.


The idea of developing a regional brand was impressive and for the businesses, an obvious answer. The regional brand „Mountain Timber“ combined with a certificate of origin also convinced the forest industry.  They saw the chance to sell wood and at the same time regenerate the forest.  

The idea convinced the townships as well because they knew that if the regional timber was utilized more, the forest would be able to perform its job protecting the population from dangerous avalanches.  It was all about maintaining the protection forest. The Mountain Timber brand is not only about wood, but also about the co-operation of craftsmen in construction and secondary businesses in construction.  

Wood processors saw the brand name as a chance to improve regional added value and to create an distinct offer.  A product that even the inhabitants of the bigger cities would be interested in.  A competitive product. A perfect co-operation had to be made to implement this idea;  and that became the central point for the LEADER + project. „Mountain Timber“ is the Great Walser Valley business owners answer to globalisation.


The idea for the project came from the above mentioned problem and the objectives derived from it.  Because the idea was there, a little vague, but obvious in principle, the project group started to work out detailed objectives.  The goals can be summarized as follows:

General Objectives:

The goal of the project is to found a lasting, independent brand organisation for the development and marketing of products made from regional resources.  A large portion of the construction businesses and contractors in the Great Walser Valley are organising a corresponding product launch.  The trademark of the brand is the utilization of regional timber, ecologically safe processing and provision of handicraft services from the valley.  The organisation acts as an industry-wide supply and distribution organisation and is the Great Walser Valley‘s answer to globalisation.

Price increase for timber:

The value of Mountain Timber from the forests located in the higher regions is more than the current market price for wood.  If the sales argument for this wood is put across as its age, its slow growth, and its wild beauty, then there will be a good chance for the distinction.  We want the forest owners to achieve a higher price.  

Increase the Biosphere Park identity:

We stand behind the concept of the Biosphere Park and know that it can only grow through the inhabitants.  We want to contribute to this both personally and through our businesses.  

Ecological conservation of value:

The higher price makes it possible to farm the protection forests.  We know that careful farming of the forest is its best protection.  We stand behind the eco-system forest and want to make a significant contribution to maintaining its natural beauty and its job of protecting.

Biological living quality:

Our timber should be preserved in its natural state especially ahead of but also with certain drawbacks for which we want to attain understanding and appreciation.  To achieve this, creative, and to some extent, elaborate measures are necessary from the craftsmen as well as the „Eco“ and „Bio“ customers who we see as our main target group.  Chemical free, and environmentally friendly; starting with processing and going on to the tiled ovens and bio mass.  

Adding value in the valley:

With this project, we want to keep adding value in the valley and in this way support our businesses.  These days, the enterprises here are trying to secure their existence instead of maximising profits.  The project should result in an additional strong network with tourism and agriculture.  

Creating and preserving jobs:

This also has to do with the work situation in the valley.  We want to keep, create and offer qualified jobs, primarily, to the citizens of the valley.  We want to become an attractive enterprise for the younger generation again.  We want to be an example for the future.  

Lasting development:

Our target is not only fast market success, but also to initiate development.  We want to establish lasting development, which we see as a chance for our valley and the people who live here.  Not only do we need patience and understanding for this, but we also have to ask for it from our valued valley citizens.

We are keeping our fingers crossed that together we will be successful.

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