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Our Forest - Silver Fir

t-guide gives you the chance to learn more about Fir Tree Country in Vorarlberg.

If you called this number, I assume that you are, at this moment, enjoying a walk through the forest.  t-guide gives you the chance to learn more about Fir Tree Country in Vorarlberg. We have recorded a lot of information about the forest which you can easily access.  Just dial a number and you will receive the information you are looking for.

  • Dial 1 for general information about Fir Tree Country

  • Dial 2 for detailed information about the Silver Fir tree.

  • Dial 3 for information about the uses for this particular type of wood.

  • If you dial 4 we will tell you about the situation of the forests in Vorarlberg

  • Other numbers are reserved for forest tours

  • By dialling 8 you can hear a presentation by Franz Rüf, on the occasion of a European experience exchange concerning the LEADER project:  Silver Fir

  • Dial 9 to find out what‘s behind t-guide and for information about t-guide‘s editorial department.

In addition to the forest tours, Fir Tree Country offers an architectural tour.  On these tours we will tell you about the brilliant examples of architecture using the unique Vorarlberg timber construction method.  Included in the tour will be the special examples made from our regional wood - Silver Fir - There are over 20 models to see and information about each of them can be accessed.

t-guide wishes you an exciting tour and a wonderful stay in the homeland of the Queen of Trees - the Silver Fir.

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Fir Tree Country

The forest, the many houses and wood processing crafts adorn the cultural landscape in Vorarlberg and the surrounding areas like no other place in the world.

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Silver Fir

Get to know the Silver Fir better

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Use of Timber

In this section, t-guide will describe how the exotic wood of the Silver Fir is utilized.

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Our Forest

Protection through utilization. Two thirds of Vorarlberg is woodlands. 50% Spruce and 25% Silver Fir. In Austria, the Silver Fir only accounts for 4% of the trees in the forests. The hunting and forest industries have to work close together.

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LEADER+ Project

LEADER+ Project Silver Fir - On the occasion of the European regions, exchange of experiences, the coordinator, Franz Rüf will present the trans-national project - "Silver Fir"

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