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Mountain Timber

The mountain timber project is an initiative of various businesses in the Biosphere park in the Great Walser Valley.

The LEADER + project leader is Gottlieb Kaufmann. Mr. Kaufmann presented the project to the EU observation post when they visited the site. We were there and would like to repeat the important parts of his presentation to the t-guide user.

  • Dial 1 for information about the project region and the problem posed.

  • Dial 2 for information about the idea and the project objectives.

  • Dial 3 for information about how the project was run

  • Dial 4 to find out what was learned from the project and to hear an appeal to the responsible parties in the EU.

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The Mountain Timber project is an example of the development and utilization of a regional brand.  It is also an example of how a co-operation of small businesses can reach a common goal. Listen to the success story of the brand organisation: Mountain Timber.

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The Region

The Mountain Timber project is concentrated on the region of the Great Walser Valley. The Great Walser Valley is an alpine side valley where the farming that the mountain farmers do on the steep slopes contributes to the preservation of the beautiful mountain landscape.

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Idea and Objectives

With support, the businesses could begin a moderated process, and formulated the idea for a project that they would call „Bergholz“ or „Mountain Timber“.

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Project Application

In the year 2000, a number of businessmen got together and created the concept of „Mountain Timber“ in their many meetings. For one year, monthly and sometimes weekly workshops were held with the businesses and townships in order to develop a common idea for a regional brand and to decide on what actions to take.

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Gained Knowledge

Gottlieb Kaufmann, initiator and project leader, remembered the project and said the following in his presentation at the EU seminar, the presentation was held from Andreas Neuhauser:

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