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Editorial Office

Do you want to know what is behind t-guide?

t-guide was created as an innovative method for communicating information as an electronic tour guide in a Leader project.  This technology is being used today for many projects and presentations. 

The material about the Biosphere Park was compiled, translated and narrated in the framework of the EU-Seminar in April 2006. 

The texts were compiled by Franz Rüf and edited by Erik Sandner.  Erik Sandner also narrated the German version.

Theresa König translated the texts into English and also narrated them along with Malcolm James. 

The t-guide system was made available by the company, telesis.  It is made up of an internet based management system which is coupled with an internet telephoning facility.  In this way you can access information at any time and only pay the normal price of a telephone call.  The information is supplied free of charge. Should you not want any more information, t-guide will automatically disconnect the mobile phone in 5 seconds. For further information go to the web site

The editorial team hopes you have fun with t-guide.

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