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t-guide Story

The t-guide will tell you the story of the t-guide. Thank you for your calling.
  • With pressing the calling number 1 you will get information about the first steps of the t-guide
  • Dial 2 and you will get background to the innovation of the t-guide
  • Dial 3 for information of the use
  • Dial 4 background information about the system
  • Dial 5 and you will get information how to downloads files for your own mp3 player
  • Dial 6 you will get some editorial items
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The Story

"If walls, trees or buildings could talk, we would hear a lot of interesting stories." Indirectly, t-guide, a product developed by the Austrian LAG, Vorarlberg, makes this german saying possible.

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After many creative meetings, the mobile telephone was elected to be the information transportation medium or „story teller and tour guide“ and was christened, t-guide.

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Use of t-guide

Just a few tips for use oft the t-guide by mobile phones.

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Technique behind

Get to know technical aspects behind the phoneapplication t-guide.

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Mp3 as Download

Audio files are available for downloading for internet users.

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Editorial Office

Do you want to know what is behind t-guide?

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