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Technique behind

Get to know technical aspects behind the phoneapplication t-guide.

Technical information about t-guide. Technically the t-guide is divided into three parts. Part one is the content management system on the internet. Here is where the text and audiofiles are managed. Every t-guide information server uses this plattfom. Part of the plattform is open to the public. Here the visitor can get information about t-guide as well as download the Excursion programm. The audio files are in mp3 format and can be downloaded on to your pc or mp3 player. The content management system itself can only be accessed by the servers with a password. The CMS enables the server to add descriptions and programms and deport the audio files on the audio server.

Part two is telephony. The telephone system is found contrary to conventional telephone systems on the internet. The voice over IP telephone system is hosted by an internet provider. Your personal mobile telephone is connected to the internet telephone system through your provider. The internet telephone system can handle any number of calls simultainiously.

Part three is the audio server. The audio files are stored here and connected to an information retrieval structure. The audio server is also hosted by an internet provider and has ongoing support. The audio server is based on an open source programm that was enhanced for t-guide by telesis. This is a licenced free product which means a lot of effort was put into installation and it must have ongoing maintainance.

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