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Workshop Depot

The craftsmen in the Bregenzerwald are known for the correct quality of their work.

It is the result of a consciously guided, organised look between the subjects of traditional handicraft know-how and contemporary design, co-operation and competition - forwardness as a condition for ability and integrating influences from the outside harmoniously.

In its organisational structure, the Bregenzerwald Workshop is a modern product.  The roots of its activities, like handicrafts and design were already there before the union was formed and are utilized professionally today.

  • Dial 1 to find out more about the region
  • Dial 2 for information about the book Eigen + Sinnig, or in English, Strong + Headed written by Florian Aicher and Renate Breuss.
  • Dial 3 to hear a statement about the self image of the workshop.
  • Dial 4 to hear about the book „Strategies of Handicrafts“, seven portraits of unusual projects in Europe, by Hans-Joachim Goegl and Claudia Schwarz.
  • Dial 5 for a report about the LEADER project and how the union was formed.
  • Dial 6 for information about the exhibition and the individual objects.
  • And by dialling 99 you can get general information about t-guide

The texts were compiled by Franz Ruef who is himself a member of the Workshop.  Most of the information about the individual objects is from the book: „Furniture for Everyone“.

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The Region

The Bregenzerwald is a region with so-called structure weaknesses. Since earlier times, limited conditions have forced the people to be flexible and versatile. They had to leave the area to make a living.

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The Bregenzerwald Workshop as a model for a new craft, 2005. Published by oekomverlag Verlag München ISBN 3-936581-99-6 or by Florian Aicher and Renate Breuss.

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The Workshop Today

Source: Homepage:

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Strategies of Handicrafts

Seven portraits of unusual projects in Europe. Published by Hans-Joachim Gögl and Claudia Schwartz ISBN 3-258-06924-7

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LEADER Project Economic Initiative

t-guide would like to tell you about how the Bregenzerwald Workshop came into being.

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The Workshop Depot

The Workshop Depot is a presentation room for the crafts people from the region.

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