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The Region

The Bregenzerwald is a region with so-called structure weaknesses. Since earlier times, limited conditions have forced the people to be flexible and versatile. They had to leave the area to make a living.

The author and social reformer, Franz Michael Felder, describes the fate of the „Schwabenkinder“ or Children of Swabia in his autobiographical novel „From my life“.  These children were sold to rich farmers as cheap, seasonal workers in the 19th century.  

The famous Baroque Master Builders from Vorarlberg, came mostly from the back of the Bregenz Forest.  After the 30 year war they started looking for work in southern Germany, Switzerland and Alsace because there wasn‘t any work to be had at home.  It was a way out into the world where they became an important part of church building, and brought specialised knowledge back home with them.

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