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The Workshop Today

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"We are a group of dedicated craftspeople, who are taking our future into our own hands.  Together, we want to shape the future of handicrafts and trade in the Bregenzerwald ."

The Bregenzerwald Workshop follows a centuries old handicraft tradition.

Modern businesses with new technology have developed from the groups of craftsmen, organised by the guilds, and even in those days, sent to far away places to work.  

A new, modern form of syndication was founded in the workshop in 1999.  It is organised as a union and offers its 100 members, institutionalised support in the areas of member service, product and design innovation, training and further education as well as building culture.  Events, discussions, exhibitions and documentations are all co-ordinated and managed in a contact office in Egg.  The office is a virtual and real platform that forms an information hub for members and clients alike.

An overview of the work fields and areas of operations of the Bregenzerwald Workshop.

  • Support of the members in the areas of marketing, manufacturing, presentations and communication.    
  • Upgrading the on-line presentation in relation to product information and product development.    
  • Expanding the exhibition platforms (an own exhibition hall)
  • Continuing the „Furniture for everyone“ exhibition as an international touring exhibition throughout Europe.    
  • Comprehensive co-operations between businesses and business networks
  • Preparation of „Handicrafts + Design“ 2003    
  • Training and further education measures in the area of Human Resources as a strategically long term investment
  • „Apprenticeship Plus“ as a measure package to secure new blood in the region
  • Old house renovation network

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