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Best Practice

LEADER+ best practice excursions

You decided to get more information about the Leader+ Project Best Practice Excursion. The chosen examples show how valorisation can be reached by using local resources correctly. If you would like to get some information about the goals of the project, please press two, with the calling number two you will get some information about the tasks which were done, with the number three you will get information’s to concrete outputs, with the number 4 some words to the theme “lessons learned” and with fife statements to the added value of the project.


The goal of the LEADER+ project is to stimulate the know-how transfer and to motivate the local initiatives by presenting their project results

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In the first phase, programmes will be developed for local players from other regions and made accessible on a European level.

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Concrete Results

Concrete Results of the participating regions

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Lesson learned

Experience shows that recognition from outside creates simultaneous motivation on the inside, assuming that the recognition comes from professional circles.

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Added Value

The project is a deeply cultural enterprise because culture and the use of available resources is cultivated and further developed.

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