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Community Centre Ludesch

You are in front of the Community Centre in Ludesch, at Raiffeisenstrasse 56. The town of Ludesch, with its 3,300 inhabitants is the largest of the 4 Blumenegg communities.

With a surface area of 11.4 square kilometres, many small and medium sized businesses have settled here, forming the town‘s main source of income.   With their strong sense of environmental awareness, the townspeople built a new community centre that will be an excellent example for years to come.  The regional, Silver Birch tree played a special role in the project.

Press 1 for more information about how the project came about.  Press 2, for technical information about the building.  If you want to know more about the ecological goals that were implemented in the project, press 3.  By pressing 4 you will be given details about the standards for Passive Houses and the ecological guidelines for construction.

A summary of discussions.  

A talk with a representative of the responsible architecture firm can be heard by pressing 5.  By pressing 6 you can hear a talk with Gebhard Bertsch, who was responsible for the ecological criteria.  Press 7 if you would like to hear Anton Zech, a member of the district council, who represents the interests of the town of Ludesch.

The Ludesch Community Centre is delighted with the interest already shown within professional circles.  Sustainability is noticed at every turn.  Here, in Fir Tree Country, the community centre represents an innovative, shining example, and we are pleased that you have chosen it.  

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Develpment Process

An integrated development and planning process moulded the „Ludesch Community Centre“ project. Long before the planning actually began, a workgroup was formed which included interested community members.

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Technical Information

The building consists of 3 structures that are connected to each other. The 6,000 cubic metre basement is a solid structure and includes the technical room and various storage rooms.

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The Ecological Goals and their Realisation

The goal of the municipality was to make a lasting example of combining our resources using the definition of very high ecological standards.

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Construction Passive House

Passive House Standards and Ecological Guidelines "Construction Passive House"

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Interview R. Wehinger

Mr. Roland Wehinger is an architect in the offices of Professor Hermann Kaufmann. When Peter Metzler asked him about the project he said:In the year 1995, the University of Innsbruck had already made a study about the development of the town of Ludesch.

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Talk G. Bertsch

Mr. Gebard Bertsch is an expert in environmentally friendly construction controlling. We asked him his opinion on some ecological subjects and the Passive House in general.

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Talk A. Zech

Mr. Anton Zech is the municipal mandatary and an important part of the decision making for the Community Centre. We asked him about ecological criteria that were taken into consideration when decisions were made.

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