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Talk A. Zech

Mr. Anton Zech is the municipal mandatary and an important part of the decision making for the Community Centre. We asked him about ecological criteria that were taken into consideration when decisions were made.

First of all, we have to mention the Passive House Concept.  Secondly, the fact that it was a timber construction using local Fir Tree timber, which was provided by the agrarian community in Ludesch.  Thirdly, it is the use of ecologically sound building materials, meaning materials that have the least amount of pollutants.  The town of Ludesch has been a member of the climate alliance since 1994 and has been participating in the e5 program for energy efficient communities since 1998.  It was therefore very important for us to get an exemplary project off the ground.  Our community has its own  sponsorship project for ecological and energy saving construction and naturally wants to bring about an excellent example within our own area of interest.

It should be emphasized, as mentioned earlier, that timber from the Silver Fir tree from our own community was used.  Added to that is the fact that the lumber was taken to a saw mill in Vorarlberg.  This alone kept a large portion of the revenue in the State.

In relation to that, a large role was played by the innovative character of the project.  A 600 square metre courtyard is enclosed and covered by a glass roof which shades the area.  There is a translucent, or clear, photo voltaic facility in the roof.  This means that the photo voltaic elements are shrink wrapped in the glass plates and they let about 10% of the light through.  This is a  new technical development that combines the clean production of energy with architectural/artistic ideas.

When asked what the township politicians expect, he said:

Ludesch is mostly a street town.  Public facilities like the church, school and Town Hall are not concentrated in one place, which is why none of those places have been able to develop a central function.  The multi-functional use of the Community Centre will bring about a strengthening of community life.

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