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Technical Information

The building consists of 3 structures that are connected to each other. The 6,000 cubic metre basement is a solid structure and includes the technical room and various storage rooms.

It takes on the 8,500 cubic metre timber construction which holds all of the rooms used by  local organisations on the ground and upper floors.  A multi-purpose hall, the town library, the mail room, a coffee shop, rooms for a children‘s play group and 2 businesses can be found on the ground floor, while  the municipal offices, an information centre for mid-wives and the offices of private service providers are all found on the second storey.

The Ludesch Community Centre was designed by the architect, Professor Hermann Kaufmann, who was also a member of the workgroup.  The floor space is 3,135 m2 or 14,500 m3, which had a total cost of 5.6 million Euros.  The net cost of the building was 4.5 million Euros.  After a relatively long preparatory phase, during which the workgroup drew up a book of duties in regards to the realisation of ecological standards, the building itself was erected in a short time, starting in May, 2004 and finished in November, 2005.

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