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Develpment Process

An integrated development and planning process moulded the „Ludesch Community Centre“ project. Long before the planning actually began, a workgroup was formed which included interested community members.

They looked into the subjects of utilization,  how social events would be compatible with the space on hand and the best way to use the small amount of resources available.  The questions of using energy sparingly and sensibly as well as the use of environmentally safe building materials had a great influence on the results.  It is very important to note that construction stayed within budget despite the elevated ecologically motivated specifications.

The workgroup formed by the township defined the expected uses of the new Community Centre as follows:  The building should be a meeting place for the townspeople.  It should be easy to reach from any direction and be multi-functional.  It should be a landmark identified with Ludesch which will turn public attention towards, and support the commercial aspect of Ludesch in the region.  For this reason it is also important to include local supply capabilities in the centre.  

It was also important to include high quality work places with a maximum of flexibility with regards to future requirements.  In respect to energy and ecology the following specifications were made:  The building had to achieve low utility costs and an optimal ratio between total costs and the lifespan of building constructed to the Passive House standard and built in adherence to ecological guidelines.  Last, but not least, it was important for the work group that biomass energy be used for heating. They also wanted to use lumber from the Silver Fir tree in the surrounding forests for construction of the building, walls and furniture.   

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