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LEADER+ Project

LEADER+ Project Timber Culture Hittisau

Employment in the rural area of the Bregenzerwald depends strongly on the SME's. Therefore the council of the village Hittisau have decided to raise awareness of the diversity of timber and to set this as an emphasis in the regional development plan. The region Bregenzerwald and it’s traditional timber construction has been nominated at UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.

The right use of the regional and natural resource wood is a challenge which needs a lot of sensibility. In the community area of Hittisau, there is an emerging wood cluster crossing branches, which can be used as an information and educational trail.

In the first step, the network of participants will be formed and a concept drafted. The Draft, designing the first 14 modules is a basis for the communication with participants, owners and interested parties. In the third step, previously described and further modules will be published in a book and will be made available to visitors to be experienced with all senses.

To make an „Encounter with Wood“ an experience is the projects target. Artists, Companies, Forestry and the community will create an exhibition about Timber Culture. In Hittisau and surrounding communities, modules of encounter and experiencing Wood in it’s natural appearance as well as it’s possibilities of refinement will be created in the next two years. Modules of experience will be created together with the local participants. The idea of establishing a guiding concept under the title “Timber Cultures Hittisau” were born.

Through the LEADER project activities the awareness for local SMEs has been raised and their image has been improved. The Local supply chain has been discussed by the public a lot more than before and consciousness was raised a good deal. A lot of visitors came to Hittisau to get in touch with timber.  

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