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Nenning House

On the street leading from Hittisau to Lingenau on the longitudinal axis to the church, there is a three storey wooden house that fits harmoniously into the landscape of the village.

The generously built two storey living area of the family that built it, is found on the south side, with a smaller „granny flat“ on the north side of the building.  There is a small store on the ground floor that faces the village square.  The private area faces away from the village on the quieter west side.  Group tours of the house can be made by appointment only.

  • Dial 1 for more details about the building.
  • Dial 2 for a statement about the quality of living.
  • Dial 3 to hear an interview with the owner, Hermann Nenning, conducted by Peter Metzler.

The Nenning House is a private dwelling.  Out of respect for their privacy, the owner asks tour groups to call 0043 5513 2543 for an appointment.  

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The private family dwelling of the Nenning family is located in the village centre of Hittisau where there used to be an old desolate building. The new house was built with regards to the village landscape with a similar cubature and structure, from Silver Fir timber.

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Hermann Nenning used Silver Fir consistently for the interior of the house.

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Hermann Nenning

Interview with Hermann Nenning

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