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Biosphere Park

The Great Walser Valley Biosphere Park

t-guide would like to welcome you to the Biosphere park in the Great Walser Valley.  Biosphere parks are regions that were chosen and distinguished after meeting the UNESCO criteria from the „Man and Biosphere“ programme.  These are regions that can demonstrate well balanced, lasting development.

  • Dial 1 for information about how the region was settled.

  • Dial 2 for information about the Biosphere park itself.

  • Dial 3 for background information about Biosphere parks in general.

  • Dial 4 for information about activities, especially in the Great Walser Valley.  Here we will also go into the difficulties that go with putting it into practice and receiving the certificate.

  • By dialling 5 you can hear about one of the highlights of the Great Walser Valley.

  • And 6 will tell you about the Energy - Model region and with 99 you will get more information about the t-guide handling

This information stems from various sources.  A large portion of it can be found on the home page: The Biosphere park, Great Walser Valley is a model region for modern, lasting economy in the Alpine Region.  We hope you enjoy your visit.  By pressing a key, you can access the information you are looking for.

The Biosphere park was created with the support of the LIFE programme.  Today, LEADER projects are defined and undertaken in the Biosphere park offices.

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How the Great Walser Valley was settled

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Biosphere Park

The Great Walser Valley Biosphere Park is a model region for modern and lasting economics in the Alpine region.

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In General

Biosphere Parks in General

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Activities in the Great Walser Valley Biosphere Park

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Difficulties and Success

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Energy Example Region

Careful handling of resources and using renewable energy were the goals of the mission statement drafted by the inhabitants in 1999.

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