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Ließenbach Bridge

The Liessenbach Bridge crosses the Bolgenach River and was built in 1855. The bridge construction is a hanging truss and is meant to support heavy loads. Bridges of this type are interesting wooden constructions. There aren‘t many bridges like this left.

You are at the edge of the Bolgenach river where the Liessenbach Bridge was built in the year 1855. This bridge is also an important link between Hittisau and Bolgenach and then further on to the Leckner Valley.  In those days, this type of bridge was built to bear heavy loads, which is why even today tractors can drive over them with no problems. We assume that Silver Fir was used for parts of this construction as well as the wooden screen on this bridge as well.

  • You can find out more about the construction of the Liessenbach Bridge by dialling 1.
  • Dial 2 for information about the grove on the banks of the Bolgenach River.
  • Dial 3 to hear Helga Rädler talk about the various stops on the Timber Culture Path in Hittisau.

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The Liessenbach Bridge is borne by a wooden truss with three supports. A saddleback roof and the wooden plank shield, made from Silver Fir protect the construction.

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Shore Grove

Along and around the trail, you can see the different types of local woods. The groves along the banks of the Bolgenach river around the Liessenbach Bridge are a part of the Timber Culture trail that was established by the township of Hittisau.

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Helga Rädler

Interview with Helga Rädler

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