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Timber Culture Hittisau

Background Information to the cultural approach of the Timber Culture Hittisau

You are visiting the Timber Culture in Hittisau. With help of the t-guide you will get background information to that cultural approach.

  • If you start the sight seeing tour with the women museum press 1.

  • With dialling 2 you will hear about the privat house of the family Nenning

  • With 3 the house of family Schwarz and with the number 4 you will get information to a village Tour.

  • The number 5 brings you to the Kommabridge and 6 to the Ließenbach bridge.

  • With the number 7 you will get more information about the Leader project Timber Culture itself.

The t-guide wish you a comfortable stay in Hittisau

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Culture Centre

You are standing in front of a very unusual building. It is located on the south end of the town centre at a gateway between the settled area and the natural landscape.

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Nenning House

On the street leading from Hittisau to Lingenau on the longitudinal axis to the church, there is a three storey wooden house that fits harmoniously into the landscape of the village.

  Taste 2  

Schwarz House

The Schwarz House is located just outside of the town centre on the north slope of the Hittisberg - or Hittis Mountain

  Taste 3  

Village Tour

Within the village tour you get detailed information to the Bregenzerwald House and the Cooper

  Taste 4  

Komma Bridge

This bridge, which is listed under a preservation order, is the oldest covered wooden bridge of this type in Vorarlberg. Because Silver Fir is very water resistant, these types of bridges are usually built with Silver Fir in our region.

  Taste 5  

Ließenbach Bridge

The Liessenbach Bridge crosses the Bolgenach River and was built in 1855. The bridge construction is a hanging truss and is meant to support heavy loads. Bridges of this type are interesting wooden constructions. There aren‘t many bridges like this left.

  Taste 6  

LEADER+ Project

LEADER+ Project Timber Culture Hittisau

  Taste 7